A total of 20.5 million viewers in the finals G3 watched the game on ABC TV, creating the highest ratings in the history of ABC television, with an average rating increase from 14 to 17 last year, up 22 percent from last year, Since the highest ratings Jean Beliveau Jersey. Back to the bedroom, lying on the bed of Harden could not help but tears. "It was a very, very sad night, we had a great plan, we would like to take a lot of championships together," five years after Harden, heart is still full of emotion Max Pacioretty Jersey, "I know everything is over, I know myself Should be looking forward, continue to work, but the tears is unable to stop down. One side is the Thunder of the decisive and cold, while it is the rocket's enthusiasm and respect Ryan Johnston Jersey. Rockets have long been eyeing Harden, they are willing to Hadden offer five years 80 million US dollars of the top salary contract Mikhail Sergachev Jersey, and intend to let Harden become the core of the team. "Harden has been hidden behind Durant and Westbrook," Tencent Sports interview, the Rockets general manager Morey said, "but whenever Harden alone led the time, he became today's own - great player, incredible superstar.