The fourth quarter of the series Peter Budaj Jersey, the Cleveland region's highest ratings Lars Eller Jersey, reaching 35.5. The fifth in the series, the highest ratings area is San Francisco and Auckland region Drayson Bowman Jersey, the ratings reached 39.6, while the Cleveland region's ratings were 37.1. Other areas with high ratings are Columbus (23.3), Sacramento (21.2), Atlanta (21), Miami (20.6), Memphis (20.1), Los Angeles (19.1) Chicago (18.6). Perhaps the mood is too tangled, Harden did not return to the Thunder within an hour, but a few hours later, he received a call to Presti. This time, the voice of the other end of the phone is soft down, but he said Hadden was surprised: "I'm sorry, James (Harden), we love you, but we trade you to the Houston Rockets. Facts have proved that the warriors are stronger than I imagined, so that even if they encounter some uncontrollable factors, they do not allow the game was dragged into the first six games. If in a protracted war, or too dangerous, I'm afraid the night long dream, as early harvest. Two teams in the strength of the big gap, only played the first two to get to the bottom, the champion has long been lost suspense. So I was Kuiran lamented, the Warriors is the NBA in the world of Alpha dog. From Li Shishi to Ke Jie, the top players and the "Alpha Go" chess outcome has been well known Montreal Canadiens Jersey Cheap, knight and warrior duel is also similar. Most of the series of time, the Cavaliers face warriors, like the earth people encounter three people "down dimension attack", passionate, tragic, but after all, no hope.